Two months after a torn pectoral muscle? JJ Watt prepares for Texans jersey playoffs

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According to ESPN, the Houston Texans defensive end JJ-Watt underwent surgery for a torn pectoral muscle this season. After nearly two months of rehabilitation, Watt returned to the practice court today. He expressed his hope to catch up with the first game of the playoffs. .

“I’m excited to be back on the practice floor with my teammates,” Watt said. “The Texans’ medical team is amazing, and I understand that going back to practice so early can be risky, but for me, there’s a chance to play in the postseason. To play and help the team win, that’s what I really want.”

In the 8th week of this season, Texans quarterback Watson hurried for 279 yards and 3 touchdowns. The team also defeated the Raiders 27-24. A tackle by Josh Jacobs resulted in a torn pectoral muscle, and Watt underwent surgery two days later.

The Texans team is cautious about Watt’s return. It remains to be seen how well he will return to training, but Watt’s small calculation is to return and participate in the Texans’ first playoff game. “I’m going to start practicing again this week,” Watt said. “I’m not going to work too hard these two weeks. It’s going to be slow but I’m going to catch up with the Texans in the playoffs.”

Generally speaking, the recovery time for a pectoral muscle tear is three to four months. Although Watt’s physical fitness exploded, it was too hasty to return to the court for two months. According to regulations, the Texans have 21 days to choose whether to officially activate Watt.

The Houston Texans defeated the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last weekend to seal the top spot in the AL South, and they will welcome the Tennessee Titans in the final game of the regular season before starting the playoffs.

Watt is well aware that returning too early may lead to another pectoral tear, but he believes that the rare and valuable playoff opportunity is worth returning early. If he returns to the court, he will wear a protective belt to prevent another injury: “In terms of returning to the court today and starting training, I think I am in a little bit worse than expected. But I will slowly enter the next two weeks. The team will assess my situation before the game.”

In the first five seasons of his career, Watt never missed a game, but in the past three seasons, he suddenly suffered repeated serious injuries like a glass man. In 2016, Watt played in only three games before the season was cancelled due to a back injury. The following year, he left the game early with a broken leg in Week 5.

Watt returned to health last year and played 16 regular-season games, ranking second in the NFL with 16 sacks. Before the pectoral tear, Watt ranked first in the league in pass rushing pressure, but with his injury the Texans have only made 31 sacks this season, ranking 26th in the NFL.