Sahi Brown returns to Ravens as team president

U.S. time Friday, according to ESPN reporters, Sashi Brown (Sashi Brown) will leave the NBA team Washington Wizards to serve as the chairman of the Baltimore Ravens.

Brown, 45, is the third president in Ravens history and will succeed Dick Cass. The latter has been in office for 18 years and will retire at the age of 76.

Brown is expected to join the Ravens in March and officially take over as team president in April. He oversees various operations within the club, including players, staff personnel, coaching, sales, operations, communications and commercial operations.

Brown played against the Ravens in the same district in 2017, and the Cleveland Browns served as executive vice president of football operations. He was 1-27 with then-coach Hue Jackson. But in the long run, it also allows Brown to accumulate draft picks and free up more cap space.

Cass, who took over in 2004, was the first person hired by then-new boss Steve Bisciotti. He helped the team make several decisions at the time, including hiring John Harbaugh.