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Sam Darnold: Believe in yourself as a good quarterback

While the Panthers are currently looking for a new starting quarterback, Sam Darnold hasn’t wavered. “I can’t control it, I know that,” Darnold said. “But I’m confident enough in myself to say, ‘I know I’m a good quarterback and I know I can do it in the league. Get ahead. I’ve proven it’.” “I also […]

Sahi Brown returns to Ravens as team president

U.S. time Friday, according to ESPN reporters, Sashi Brown (Sashi Brown) will leave the NBA team Washington Wizards to serve as the chairman of the Baltimore Ravens. Brown, 45, is the third president in Ravens history and will succeed Dick Cass. The latter has been in office for 18 years and will retire at the […]

Saints coach Sean Payton has not decided whether to continue coaching

Saints owner Gayle Benson told reporters on Monday that he doesn’t know if coach Sean Payton will continue coaching next season. “I don’t think anyone knows, but he’ll tell us soon,” Benson said. Payton, 58, is currently under contract until the end of the 2024 season. According to reports, several TV broadcasters have already expressed […]

Raiders-Tigers umpires won’t play again this year’s playoffs

US time on Sunday, according to ESPN reporters, the Raiders-Tigers game on duty referees will not participate in the playoffs again. There were a lot of problems with their penalties in the game, and one whistle was very controversial. The NFL grades the officiating team after each game, and referee Jerome Boger and the rest […]

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How does the NFL team exist in the world of football?They have won the World Cup many times, regardless of the performance of the last cup, the World Cup will come again when the title will be hot again.There has never been a shortage of world stars in the team, but even without these players […]

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The problem with the nfl jersey sales have been struggling these days, after all, i from that era. As a matter of fact, until this year, I started the first patriots jersey. I thought I had to buy some money from the house when I was in school , but I’ve always been rejected.After all, […]

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Different football teams have different concepts of NFL jerseys.Following me to have a look. Carolina Panthers Jersey It is just like the team’s name , the hornet needs to work together and work together to work together.The city version of the cam newton jersey is still Nike’s Logo, which is their exclusive benefit. The city version […]

When Nike NFL hits NBA

Friends who are familiar with the United States must know that the NFL is actually more popular in the United States than the basketball league NBA, which Chinese sports fans are familiar with. Many NBA players have been involved in rugby in their schooldays and are loyal NFL fans.Even Impersonal, a former state player of […]