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University of Central Florida NFL football team swaps player numbers on jerseys for QR codes This spring, the University of Central Florida (UCF) football team will wear QR codes instead of numbers on the back of their NFL jerseys. Teams showed off their new uniforms on Twitter, with a large, custom-made QR code beneath the […]

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The Giants waived cornerback James Bradberry on Monday, freeing up about $10.1 million in cap space. New general manager Joe Schoen had spent weeks looking for a trade partner, but could not find satisfactory terms. Brad Bailey was originally scheduled to earn $13.5 million this season and will take up $21.9 million in salary space. […]

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On Saturday, US time, the Bengals officially announced that they have promoted two players from the training roster to the roster: veteran wide receiver Trent Taylor and defensive tackle Mike Daniels. Daniels suffered a groin injury in the wild-card game and missed the previous two regular season games. He was named to the 2017 Pro […]

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