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The problem with the nfl jersey sales have been struggling these days, after all, i from that era.

As a matter of fact, until this year, I started the first patriots jersey. I thought I had to buy some money from the house when I was in school , but I’ve always been rejected.After all, it’s too bad to buy a nfl jersey for $90 in the eyes of parents. That you don’t understand.So after I made money and became financially independent, I bought several jerseys in the past few months.

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I dare say that the first Nike NFL jerseys I bought by the overwhelming majority of China are such a replica jersey .The price of the people is its absolute advantage. Some people say the student party can save a NFL jersey. I can only say that these ideas are too simple.If you want to do a thing that you like,you will do your best to do them well!

If you are a fan of this jersey,you will like go get your signature and take a photo.Besides, American football league leaders don’t come to China very often.But you mustn’t sign with a nfl jerseys.

For another example, if you see your idol, you take a pirated CD to get your signature, or say to him, “Hey I’ve been porridge you since I was a child, and I’ve downloaded your songs to MP3.”Do you think you’ll get killed by other fans? Even if you don’t die, you don’t want to be considered a fan.The impact of rugby in the United States will make you disappear. Even wearing Nike’s full NFL shirt doesn’t work.

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Of course, it hurts to say that, in the United States, football stars stay in hotels almost 24 hours a day, where fans wear so-called authentic Nike NFL jerseys.Few can get autographs, many of the quarterbacks I see are very cold, and some defensive players are in a good mood occasionally and will sign a few for you.

Generally speaking,when it is a rainy day,the fans followed the player out of the door, and the guard locked the door in the back and said it wouldn’t open. Seriously, on this attitude to the fans, which face let the fans for your consumption?

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